Glory of Heracles: Snap Story
AKA: Hercules Eikou

Huzzah!  It's in English!

Console:Game Boy
Publisher:Data East
Year of Release:1992
Additional Thanks:RedComet, Kero Hazel
Need info on the game?:Visit the shrine!
Download Patch:Download Patch

Glory of Heracles was a fairly popular RPG series in Japan. It had two games on the Famicom, one on the Game Boy, and 2 more on the Super Famicom. Then, much later, it had a sixth game released on the DS (which actually came out in America).

After ten long years, this translation is finished. I've never been a great hacker, and I had more than my share of difficulties getting the script translated, but the fact that I actually finished this patch after all this time shows that this was truly a labor of love. Everything should be translated and completely playable. So play. And enjoy!

Yep, toma's font indeed kicks ass.    No TV and no beer make him something something.

Finally, I know what I'm fighting!.    Look, menus!  And items!  In English!