• Sailor Moon Fans Rejoice!

I'm releasing a patch for a little Famicom RPG based on Sailor Moon and other manga series, Nakayoshi n' Me (otherwise known as Nakayoshi to Issho). I was fortunate enough to receive the help of a great translator, Frizzy, who helped make this project possible. The game itself was designed for younger players, as it's quite simplistic, but fans of Sailor Moon or just plain cute games should find an enjoyable little RPG. Check it out!

• Booby!

I finished a patch for a fun little action game called Booby Boys. Even if the game's name is FLAGRANT false advertising, it's still a pretty fun diversion. Go ahead and try it out!

• Update (No, Really!)

Believe it or not, it's an actual update! Remember that Glory of Heracles: Snap Story translation I claimed to have been working on? No? Well, whether you do or not, it's finished now. 100% in English. Really. Go ahead and download it, why don'tcha?

• New Patch

I'm releasing a patch for the Game Boy game "Penta Dragon" today. It's fully translated, and pretty interesting, so check it out.
I also decided I might as well update my progress on Glory of Heracles: Snap Story. Basically, I got the menus, item/monster/etc. lists finished, and title screen done. All that's left to do is the dialog, which is currently being translated.

• Welcome!

Finally, after many delays, HTI finally debuts today. Only two projects are done right now, but more are in progress.

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