Penta Dragon

Like most Yanoman Game Boy games, the actual title of the game doesn't appear on the title screen...

Console:Game Boy
Year of Release:1992
Translator:Tyrome Williams
Additional Thanks:Kero Hazel
Download Patch:Ver. 1.00

Penta Dragon is some sort of weird shooter game I found for the Game Boy. It's like a shooter since you go around shooting things and collecting power-ups, but you also have a free range of motion and an inventory, so it's almost controlled like an overhead adventure game...

There wasn't much text in this one, so once I found a translator, I was able to get everything done in a day or two. There are just three cinema scenes, which are actually quite interesting. It's unfortunate that two of these scenes are found either at the very end, or near the very end of the game, so most people probably won't get to see them. Oh well.

This game features nice cinema scenes.    A shot of the actual game.