Nakayoshi n' Me
AKA: Nakayoshi to Issho

Cows are a bit of a recurring theme in this game.

Year of Release:1993
Additional Thanks:ICEyun
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Download Patch:Ver. 1.00

This is a beginner's RPG released late in the lifespan of the Famicom. It contains chapters based off of several shoujo ("girl") manga that were published in Nakayoshi Magazine. Western audiences will recognize Sailor Moon, but this game also contains chapters based on Goldfish Warning!, Pocket Park, MinMin!, Taiyou ni Smash and Kurumi and the 7 Dwarves. The game itself is an RPG, but simplified. There are no experience points, levels, or equipment, with the exceptions of weapons. Instead of a regular battle menu, battles are performed via a slot machine mechanic. The game's designed for a younger audience, but fans of Sailor Moon or any of the other manga, or fans of cute things in general should still be entertained.

Frizzy did a stupendous job with the translation aspect of the project. The translation was done promptly and accurately, and as a much bigger moonie than I've ever been, I always rested easy knowing that the translation half of this project was in good hands. Thanks again for all your hard work, Frizzy!

As for the hacking itself, it went pretty smoothly, relatively speaking. Some basic hacks were performed, such as a DTE code, expanding the main character's name maximum name length from 4 to 8, etc.

Also, since different fans are familiar with different translations of Sailor Moon, two versions of the patch exist, one where the Sailor Moon characters and terms keep their "accurate" original names (main character is Usagi, etc.), and another based more on the DiC dub that people may remember airing on Toonami in the 90s (main character is Serena, etc.). Both patches are included in the zip. Pick your favorite and enjoy!

Who doesn't?    It's the Sailor Moon chapter, get it?.

Plenty o' items.    It sends shivers up your spine...